24 Jan 2013

Halima Menu Naal Rakh le

Lyrics of Halima menu naal rakh le

Halima menu naal rakh le
Tere bakriyan nu paawa gi mey chaara
Halima menu naal rakh le
Jithe jithe ni amma jithe jithe jawe gi tu oothe oothe aawa gi
Nass gy baazaro tera soda wi ly awa gi
Tera lippa gi mey kakha wala taara
Halima menu naal rakh le

Halima Menu Naal Rakh le - The best home videos are here

Naats by Shahbaz Qamar Afridi

A beautifull naat by Shahbaz Qamar Afridi

17 Jan 2013

Important Points to Remember While Learning Typing

Keep the Eyes on the Monitor:

It is easy to learn the key positions faster if we don’t peek at the keyboard while practicing. We can check the keyboard picture on the screen to fnd it, if we forget postion of any key.

Keep Wrists Up:

Keep the wrists up and straight when typing. Resting the wrists on the wrist rest or the desk will create an uncomfortable angle making  it more difficult to move the fingers. This causes errors and slows down. Holding the wrists too high has the same effect increasing the tension in the shoulders.

Health Tips While Typing:

The sitting posture is very important while typing. Following points must be remembered:

·         Adjust the seat height so that the feet rest flat on the floor.
·         Make sure that there is no pressure on the back of the knees.
·         Adjust the desk height so that the wrists can rest comfortably on it.
·         The forearms should be leveled with the desk top.
·         The upper and forearms should form a 90 degree angle or more.

 Now check that display, Keyboard and Mouse are placed correctly.

·         Place the monitor directly in front; at about an arm’s length away.
·         Adjust the top of the computer screen to a little below eye level. The viewing angle should be slightly downwards while typing.
·         Place the keyboard right in front, aligned with the monitor.
·         Place the Mouse next to the Keyboard on the same plane. When using the Mouse, keep the wrists straight and the upper arms close to the body.

12 Jan 2013

Dr.Tahirul Qadri's Long March - latest

Dr.Tahirul Qadri is on his way. He sadi long march will be done in any condition. His followers
reach at islamabad in a thousand uantity. Rehman Malik said we will not stop this long march but
there are many secuirity problems about this long march.
On other hand MQM refuses to in clude in this march with saying that there is a very big problem
of secuirity.
Followers of Qadri are with him their followers said that 14 march 2013 will be historic day in the
history of Pakistan. People must follow Qadri if they want good life and are not satidfied with the
present Government.

11 Jan 2013

How a Man Enters in Heaven - Virtue on an Animal

Once a man was going in a street. On going his way, he saw a dog, Dog was rubbing his tongue on wet soil. This person took his shoe enter some water in his shoe from a well and drink it to dog. He do this many times till dog fullfil his thirst.
ALLAH become happy on the act of this person and enters him in Heaven. This is how man get Heaven by drinking water to an animal.

8 Jan 2013

Top 15 Rules for a Good Life

There are some rules that a person must follow to spend the life in a good manner or style. Every person wants to live in a way that is suitable for him/her and also for others.

1). Be humble.
2). Dont angry to someone except there is a solid reason.
3). Don't take your decision about someone very quick.
4). Live in good people.
5). HAve good friends.
6) Never have a bad notion.
7). Don't loose your heart.
8). Have faith in GOD (ALLAH).
9). Look at those people who are in a bad condition than you.
10). Try to stay happy in the front of others.
11). Don't say harash words.
12). Don't beg in front of anyone except in extreme conditions.
13). Try to live simple because GOD (ALLAH) likes simplicity.
14). Say thanks to GOD (ALLAH) in every condition.
15) Be sincere.