31 Dec 2012

Popularity of Cities

City of Good Smell .......................  Paris(France)

City of Gangsters   .......................  Banaras(India)

City of Flowers      .......................  Shehzaar(Iran)

City of Wind          .......................  Chicago(America)

Heart of Pakistan  .......................  Lahore(Pakistan)

City of Mughals    .......................  Hyderabad(India)

City of Dome         .......................  Istanbul(Turkey)

29 Dec 2012

Mr.Ring - A Strange Man

Look at this man and imagine how much pain he bears. He do this beacuse he loves this. He has many rings on his face.

28 Dec 2012

Special Theory of Relativity - Full Lecture

Before i start my topic i will tell you about frame reference What is frame of reference? you will find much detail about this but here i will tell you a little. Let first define it "A frame of reference is any coordinate system relative to which measurements are taken". For example suppose some measurements for an experiment are taken in laboratory then laboratory is the frame of reference. Another example is suppose a body is palced in car then car is a frame of refence. Lets move further. There are two types of frame of reference.
1) Inertial frame of reference
2) Non inertaial frame of reference
In above example if the body is at rest or moves with consatnt velocity so that no acceleration is produced then it is called inertial frame of reference.
And if the body moves with some variable velocity so that acceleration is produced then it is called non inertial frame of reference.
Now back to topic.
Special theory of relativity treats the problems involving inertial frames of reference and do you know? there is another theory called general theory of relativity that treat the problems involving non inertial frames of refernce.
In 1905, a paper entitled " on the electrodynamics of moving bodies" Einstein offered the following postulates which are the basis of the special theory of relativity.
The two postulates are:

1) Principle of relativity:
    The laws of physics are same in all inertial frames of reference.
2) The constancy of the speed of light:
    Speed of light in free space(vacum) is constant(has same value c) in all inertial frames of reference.

Now we will discuss the above two postulates.
The first postulate declares that the laws of physics that hold for an observer in inertial frame of reference cannot be violated for an observer in an other inertial frame of reference.
To accept the second postulate we consider the three observers at rest in three different inertial frames of reference.
The flash of light emitted by observer A is measured by him to be travel at speed c. If the frame of
observer B is moving away from A at a speed of c/4, then Galiliean kinematics predicts that B
measures the c-c/4=3c/4 for the speed of light emitted by A. If the observer C is moving towards A
with a speed of c/4, then the Galilean kinematics predicts that C measures the value c+c/4=5c/4 for
the speed of light emitted by A.
Second postulate tells that all three observers measures the same speed c for the speed of light.
However, some experiments are conducted which satisfies second postulate. This is a big problem
and confusion which must be solved in future.
Now we will discuss some consequences(results) of special theory of realativity. There are many
consequences but here i willl discuss only three consquences which are important.
These are
i) Time Dilation
ii) Length Contraction
iii) Mass Variation
Here i will more focus on time dilation. Lets discuss these consequences one by one.
1) Time Dilation:
From centuries it is considered that time is an absolute quantity. Time is running, running and running.
Einstein said time is not an absolute quantity it depends on velocity, it depends on motion of frame of
Now suppose an observer is stationary in an inertial frame of reference. He observes the time interval
between the two events in this frame let it be t0 . This is called proper time. If the observer is moving
with velocity v with respect to frame of events, then the time measured by observer would not be it
will be t0
given as

As the quantity of right hand side is less than 1, so t is always greater than t0.
There are many verses in Holy Book Quran that tells that time is not an absolute quantity. Time is not
same for all. It is different for diffferent persons.
In Quran,
"The angel and spirit ascend to Him in day whose length is fifty thousand years"
(Chap.29, Surah Al-Maarij 70:4)
"They ask you to hasten the punishment God will not break His promise. A day with your Lord is
equivalent to a thousand years in the way you count" (Al-Quran 22:47)
Now focus on this picture.
Here people are working together and time is passing on Earth which is t0 and time passing on
spaceship is t. Focus on above two clocks you can see that
More time pass on Earth
Less time pass in spaceship
So from above verses and example it is clear that time is not an absolute quantity.
2) Length Contraction:
Suppose an observer in spaceship is at rest in space. The observer measured the length of a rod
(say 1 meter), which is ℓ0 and called proper length. And if the observer moves with spaceship in a
space then the length measured by the observer will not be 1 meter it will be less than 1 meter, denoted
by ℓ and
given as
3) Mass Variation:
Suppose an observer in a spaceship is at rest in space. The mass of an object meaured by the
observers m(say 1kg), called proper mass. Now, if the observer moves at high speed, then the
time maesured by observer will not be 1 kg, it will be greater than 1 kg. denoted by m and
given as

24 Dec 2012

After Five Years Pakistan -India Series, First Match

Today the cricket match between Pakistan and India will be played, after the year 2007 in banglore. In banglore, Pakistan and India will fight together at evening today. It will be the first T-20 match betweeen Pakistan and India.

Rehman Malik in His Childhood

Below is the picture of Rehman Malik in his childhood he is looking so funny and cool. Rehamn Malik is the former member of the Senate of Pakistan and the former Interior Minister of Pakistan. 
Download funny pics from this blog.

20 Dec 2012

Series of Prophets

When ALLAH made this universe and want to create humans in this universe then the first human that ALLAH made his name was Hazrat AADAM (A.S). From this AADAM (A.S) all humans are being created and from the time of this AADAM (A.S) ALLAH start the series of Messengers and Prophets for all humans to learn the good things and avoid them from bad things. This series continuous till our beloved HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW) came in this world. After MUHAMMAD (SAW) no Prophet will come in this universe till world ends.

Dolphins in Pakistan

Do you know Dolphins are also in PAkistan. Pakistan is great country because here is everything i mean coil, natural gas, gold, raw oil, iron etc. But Pakistani Government are illigible to take the full advantage of these resources. Below are some Dolphin pics taken from Indus River Pakistan.

17 Dec 2012

21 December 2012- A Mystery Day

21 December 21 December 21 December oh my GOD... Many notions many predictions. What is this mystry?
No body tells correct about it. Only few persons beleive that there may be somthing happen strange on 21 December. At last what is true what is this going?...
Many scientist and astrologists said that Earth will change its axis and there will be great destruction in west countries not in Arab countries. Some said that strength will be diverged it means if a person is rich that person will be poor and if someone is poor that will be rich very soon.                           
Some says next year will not be good for americans and euerope countries because next year is 2013 and american and eueropeons think that 13 is not a good number it is very bad number for them not for all countries or people. Many thoughts and much more...
However, Muslims are great in this way because they think nothing will happen on that day but a little bit don't worry..,Oh thanks Muslims at least some nation says Don't worry. Therefore, i like Muslims. Muslims think that no destruction will be happen on that mystry day because there are many symptoms that are till no completed according to their religion for big destruction.
And now turns to christians they think that some invisible Angels will come on Earth and FATHERS make a gun like things for the fight against that Angles.... What is this...?
What you think?

15 Dec 2012

Pray for Your Good Match

Every one should pray for him/her for good and suitable match. This is very neccessary. Because if you have good partner then you will get all happiness of your life and fully enjoy it in limits.

13 Dec 2012

Importance of Friday Near Muslims

Muslims know that friday is the special day in which ALLAH shower His blessings on His creations. Muslims got more virtues on the this day for their worship. Muslims get bath on this day and so that they clean their self and go into a mosque and worship ALLAH. Every Muslim also cuts own nails of hands and foot because it is Sunnah of our beloved HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW).
HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW) was the last prophet of ALLAH. Because He complete the message of ALLAH to people. And now there is no need of any other Prophet or Messenger.
Muslims are allowed to spray a perfume on their cloths and go to a Mosque because it is our beloved HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW).

12 Dec 2012

Nature is Great...

Nature is so great. Everyone loves nature's photos and wallpapers. Nature has many faces some of which are bad but most of them are so nice and good for you and for everyone. Never say anything bad to nature because it is nature that make us live. Yes itstrue i am not joking. Everyone should say thanks to nature and should say everyday. And also first say thanks to ALLAH because ALLAH make this nature and universe and everything in this universe.
Below are nature wallpaers which i hope you may like them. You can also download these wallpapers from this blog.

                                                         A beautiful japanese garden

                                                               The pontoon lake

                                                               A starting day picture

                                                                    The blues

                                                               The forest in evening

11 Dec 2012

Why Muslims Fear From ALLAH?

Muslims fear from ALLAH because all muslims know that  this world is temporary this universe is not our real home or place of living. One day this universe will be destroyed. And every is required to give the reply of him/her acts or deeds before ALLAH. Every Muslim Knows that our real home or place of living is life after death which will remail always and always and so on.
Yes, i know Non-Muslims will never accept this because they are not Muslims. One thing is common in Muslims that is every true Muslim has peace of mind which is very costly for a miilionre man or women. yes its true.                                                                    
A rich person has not peace of mind you can also asks them they aleays worried about their money which they collect in their life nad collecting. What a human will do this money he or she can buy everytihng with this money? no never. They can not buy the peace of mind and also love.
 Now back to article Muslims fear from ALLAh because they knoe they will be punished or because of their bad or good deeds which they do in this universe and in coming after death life. And don't fear of this thing that ALLAH will never forgive your Sins...
ALLAH is so Merciful with no limit. ALLAH loves HIS humans(man and women) seventy times more than a
mother loves his son or daughter.