17 Dec 2012

21 December 2012- A Mystery Day

21 December 21 December 21 December oh my GOD... Many notions many predictions. What is this mystry?
No body tells correct about it. Only few persons beleive that there may be somthing happen strange on 21 December. At last what is true what is this going?...
Many scientist and astrologists said that Earth will change its axis and there will be great destruction in west countries not in Arab countries. Some said that strength will be diverged it means if a person is rich that person will be poor and if someone is poor that will be rich very soon.                           
Some says next year will not be good for americans and euerope countries because next year is 2013 and american and eueropeons think that 13 is not a good number it is very bad number for them not for all countries or people. Many thoughts and much more...
However, Muslims are great in this way because they think nothing will happen on that day but a little bit don't worry..,Oh thanks Muslims at least some nation says Don't worry. Therefore, i like Muslims. Muslims think that no destruction will be happen on that mystry day because there are many symptoms that are till no completed according to their religion for big destruction.
And now turns to christians they think that some invisible Angels will come on Earth and FATHERS make a gun like things for the fight against that Angles.... What is this...?
What you think?

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