About Computers

The Keyborad:

The keyboard was one of the first external device to be used with computers, and it is still primary in put device for entering text, numbers etc. A standard keyboard includes about 100 keys. each key sends a unique signal to CPU. Keyboard is much easy to use than a typewriter.
Keyboarding is the ability to to enter texts and numbers with skills. For now and the foreseeable futire, Keyboarding remains the most common way to enter text and other data into a computer.

The Srandard Keyboard layout:

 Keyboards are available in different sizes and shapes in market. Among IBM-compatible computers, the 
most common keyboard layout is the IBM Enhanced Keyboard. It has 100 keys arranges in 5 groups.
An IBM Keyboard is shown below.

The Alphanumeric Keys:

The alpjanumeric keys are the area of the keyboard that looks like a typewriter's keys and are arranged in the that way that are on almost every keyboard. Sometimes this common arrangement is called QWERTY layout.

The Modifier Keys:

The SHIFT, ALT and CTRL keys are called modifier keys just of this reason that they modify the input of some otther remaining keys. If you hold down the modifier key while pressing the another key then you change the second's key working.
For example, if you press the h key, you input a small letter j. But if you hold down the SHIFT key while pressing the j key, then you input the capital J. 

The Numeric Keypad:

The Numeric Keypad Is located on the right side of the keyboard. Its like a calculator keypad with 10 digits and mathematical operations(-,+,%,*).
When NUM Lock is not active the numeric keypad acts as a cursor for the movement.   

The Function Keys: 

The function keys which are labeled as  F1, F2, F3... are arrangesd in arow on the tiop of keybord. These keys are used for many purposes depending upon the nature of a program.                 
However, in most programs F1 is used as Help key and when you press it a special kind of window appears including all infornation about your program.

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