8 Jan 2013

Top 15 Rules for a Good Life

There are some rules that a person must follow to spend the life in a good manner or style. Every person wants to live in a way that is suitable for him/her and also for others.

1). Be humble.
2). Dont angry to someone except there is a solid reason.
3). Don't take your decision about someone very quick.
4). Live in good people.
5). HAve good friends.
6) Never have a bad notion.
7). Don't loose your heart.
8). Have faith in GOD (ALLAH).
9). Look at those people who are in a bad condition than you.
10). Try to stay happy in the front of others.
11). Don't say harash words.
12). Don't beg in front of anyone except in extreme conditions.
13). Try to live simple because GOD (ALLAH) likes simplicity.
14). Say thanks to GOD (ALLAH) in every condition.
15) Be sincere.

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