11 Dec 2012

Why Muslims Fear From ALLAH?

Muslims fear from ALLAH because all muslims know that  this world is temporary this universe is not our real home or place of living. One day this universe will be destroyed. And every is required to give the reply of him/her acts or deeds before ALLAH. Every Muslim Knows that our real home or place of living is life after death which will remail always and always and so on.
Yes, i know Non-Muslims will never accept this because they are not Muslims. One thing is common in Muslims that is every true Muslim has peace of mind which is very costly for a miilionre man or women. yes its true.                                                                    
A rich person has not peace of mind you can also asks them they aleays worried about their money which they collect in their life nad collecting. What a human will do this money he or she can buy everytihng with this money? no never. They can not buy the peace of mind and also love.
 Now back to article Muslims fear from ALLAh because they knoe they will be punished or because of their bad or good deeds which they do in this universe and in coming after death life. And don't fear of this thing that ALLAH will never forgive your Sins...
ALLAH is so Merciful with no limit. ALLAH loves HIS humans(man and women) seventy times more than a
mother loves his son or daughter.

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